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Literally I am not a person of words,and somebody once said that Photography is not classified among verbal works of art…

The pictures have to speak on my behalf.

I am a Hugarian photographer, live in Spain.

I discovered the marvel of photography as an adult, and within a  short time it became my passion.

I tried out several branches of photography before I found my stand.
Portrayal captivated me definitively,the BEAUTY of the human body.

I am striving to let you see yourself not just on good, but on unique, unparalleled, special photos. The picture would be literally SPEAKING about YOU. Let us discover together that peculiar world, mood, and feeling that will stay with YOU for ever at the touch of a button! These moments present you with the real wonder: capturing the inconceivable, and bringing time to a standstill for one moment.

I promise not to write an autobiography, or list my certificates.

One thing I can certainly claim: I learned the profession from the best instructors, and I am continuously studying to become even better, so I can give even more!

Please feel free to look through my site! This is how I see the world, through the LENSES…

” I have known Szilvia for years, and the only thing what I can say, is, that, IT IS A PLEASURE! She participated in some of my workshops, and surprised me all the time! The questions she asked, her attention for details, and her ideas, all have shown to me, that she takes photography very seriously! The way a woman sees things around us always fascinated me, being very different and still the same! In this world of self indulgent, self-made “artists” it’s a breath of fresh air to meet somebody, who just wants to make great pictures. She is not trying to be “trendy”, she is trying to be good! This attitude shows in her work, and that’s all what makes the difference! If you ever want to have really good pictures of yourself, you can’t make a better choice than her! “

Szipál Péter

szipal schaffer-7582

with “the Master”, Martin Szipál – the famous Hollywood photographer

nanasi schaffer kozos foto ps-lr

with Pál Nánási – the most famous Hungarian photographer