You will arrive to a exclusive, downtown studio-apartment. I work with the most modern equipment, so I can give You the highest quality possible!

As soon as you enter the studio, we lock the outside world out, and we get going on the exciting road of transformation…
We drink a cup of tea, eat some biscuits, meanwhile we discuss, so we can come to know a little better. It takes a little while to ease the tension.

The transformation is in progress: the make-up and hair artists start to work.

(The price of the packages DOES NOT contain the make-up artist and the hair artists!)

After that we choose the right clothes and we discuss the details of the photograpy. It is worthwhile to prepare with MORE THAN ONE clothes-variation!

After that we go in the studio, we occupy it, and the work begins!

The mood of the photography at me is good, everything is about You! I don’t mass-produce, the customers don’t arrive on a conveyor belt, I promised QUALITY and that’s what I will give to You!

After the photography I will send You the „watch pictures” in 5-7 days in e-mail.

You can choose those, that You want to be retouched (the quantity is based on the package). If the choise is hard, I will help You, You can trust me on this too!

After the pictures are chosen, in 10-14 workdays I will give You the created photos on DVD. I will store all of the pictures for 1 year on a digital data storage device, so there is a possibility to subsequent order.

We sign a Contract before we start the photography that include all the conditions. Customer pays the 50 % of the package after the photography in advance.

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